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When will be the next interior design and renovation for your dream home. What is an ideal home and how would you want your dream home to look like? Every person has their own preference of interior design style. It could be modern, minimalist, industrial…and the list goes on. And some people may enjoy combining elements of several style to create the best of their home. But not to worry as we are here to help you and guide you through the process of the next interior design and renovation of your dream home.

Let us work on the interior design planing and renovation fitting out of your home while you sit down and relax. And our designer will meet up with you to understand more so as to offer you a variety of interior design styles to choose from while propose the right design choice that suits your personal style and taste. Because we want to ensure to leave you and your family satisfied in the comforts of your new home. Our interior designers will plan and create your dream home to life through their creativity and innovation. While we try to know and understand your needs, things that work for you and your family and can bring joy into your life. All we want are to let you to feel happy while using and seeing them at home.

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Our professional interior designers provide interior design ideas and materials proposal. Propose the elements of design like space, value, forms, light, color, texture and pattern into the home. By keeping them balanced is the key to create an aesthetically pleasing interior for a home.

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We do the planning, design and custom made furniture in our in-house carpentry workshop. So we can ensure close monitoring of every fabrication and promise to deliver the finest workmanship to our clients.

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Project management, costing and design proposal. Our team designers and experts to coordinate all the design development, fabrication and installation. So as to liaise with clients, contractors and consultants to resolve challenges around the development of project planning. And monitor the entire fitting out works from start to end.

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MASTER DESIGN is an interior design and renovation company base in Singapore. We are specialized in home interior design and renovation for all Hdb flats, condominium and landed properties. We custom-make furniture, provide interior design and renovation services for office, retail and other commercial properties.

Master Design is here for clients seeking for creation, accomplishment, and experience and a reliable interior designer. Not only to provide a one-stop interior design and renovation services under one roof. But also strike to elevate the value we deliver. So as to provide our best interior design and renovation experts to ensure the interior space are functional, safe and pleasing. Because we always focused on process improvement without compromising quality and efficiency.

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With our experience Interior Designers carefully plan and to ensure a pleasing interior, things that work and satisfied your needs. To determine the space requirements and selecting of decorative items like color, lighting and materials. So as to create a beautiful interior space. Because we have a strong team of dedicated and experience interior designers, skilled carpenters and project management from planning to completion. And with our in-house carpentry workshop that enable us to provide close monitoring of every design production and fabrication. We can ensure the finest workmanship are deliver to our clients.


So by keeping our design skill sharp and develop our own spirit of creativity, thoughts and ideas. With this we believe we can create better design to add value to our clients’ property. And always build a strong relationship and rapport with our clients. But seeking to create things together, caring and understand our clients’ needs.


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